Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hi, Quack here. Jut to clarify, I am not going on the cruise, but will be joining OW in London after he disembarks from his cruise. We have a more detailed itinerary of our European tour on TripIt, but I'm not sure if we can feed that through this blog, so here are the key highlights:

July 05-07: London
July 07-10: Marseille, Arles
July 10-12: Nice, Monaco
July 13-16: Corsica, Sardinia
July 17-19: Rome
July 19-22: Florence
July 22-23: Venice
July 23-28: Braunschweig
July 28-30: Berlin

Aug 3-30: Great American Road Trip!

Should be a ton of fun with travel by plane, train, ferry, bus, and car! Can't wait to leave, but it'll be sad to leave the hema =(

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