Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turks & Caicos wrap up

We left T&C around 5:30 today. Grand Turk is beautiful. The beaches ring the island and the water is a translucent brilliant aqua. Grand Turk is actually less developed than its more commercialized counterpart Providenciales, but Carnival Cruise lines decided to build a port specifically for their ships. And since Provo doesn't allow cruise ships, Carnival is the only line to offer stops in T&C. But I'm not sure how the locals feel about these behemoth ships offloading thousands of passangers onto their tiny island.

We sunbathed for a couple hours midday. Water temperature was still a little too cold for my comfort, but we did go snorkeling in the afternoon. About 60 passengers crammed onto a 78 foot catamaran and "sailing" out to sea before snorkeling along a coral reef wall. Saw some fish, especially when the crew started throwing food (bread) to the fish. The water was freezing, but I wore Eugene's long wet suit and had a good time. Got some nice pictures on the way back to the ship.

At dinner now. Having trouble posting pictures, so updates wiLl be text only.
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